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Steve can kick

NBA MVP Steve Nash plays football. He is really a multi-talented guy.

Thing to do after enjoying the video:

“Make Steve’s dream a reality, make a $5 donation and earn a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two to the ‘Showdown in Chinatown’, a soccer match between some of the worlds top soccer and basketball stars in the heart of New York City. Click here to join the Dream.”

Football for Good has two clear aims:

1. To develop world-class youth football (soccer) academies that are sustainable, community-centered social businesses in regions that have been ravaged by war.
2. To be a champion of human rights and child protection, and a committed global advocate for African players, families and their communities.

About Football for Good

Read from Fed Me Up

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Hong Kong Sevens 2009


Rugby is such an exciting game that make many people crazy. I don’t know the rule and I’m not a fan. But every year, I spend some time watching it on TV. There’re lots of rough physical contact, team strategy, high speed running…in the game that I love to see.

Ticket is too expensive (HK$1,080) and hard to get….otherwise, I will be in the Hong Kong Stadium with 40,000 supporters from all over the world…what a BIG BIG PARTY.

Free ticket WANTED!

Hong Kong Sevens, see you this weekend (27-29 Mar 2009)!

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Liverpool 5:0 Aston Villa

Gerrard hat-trick by BBC

Captain: hat-trick, OK? - by BBC

I had a fantastic weekend as a Liverpool fans . Steven Gerrard scored a hat-trick as Liverpool beat Aston Villa to stay in title race against Man United & Chelsea. They’ve scored 13 goals in last 3 matches against Real Madrid, Man United and Aston Villa…

Keep up the great work and make us dream!!! 😀

Men of the match (my choice): Riera, Gerrard, Reina & Arbeloa

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Yes I Can

If someone can do it, I can do it. This thought is always on my mind.

Well, I think last Saturday, I’ve done one of the craziest things of the years.

I went hiking with my colleagues, they are all experienced hikers BUT ME.

Here is our route (it’s considered to be one of the toughest hiking route in HK):

Google map satellite view - record by My Tracks

Google map satellite view - record by My Tracks

The most unexpected thing is my shoes are splitted at the bottom (right foot and then left foot) when I finished 1/4 route only. What an extra challenge for me?




Thank all of my hikemates for their support. I can’t believe that I can came back home with shoes and finished it in 6.5 hrs. So I took few pics for my 99% broken shoes immediately to capture this unforgettable moment.

Go and do what you think it’s challenging. I’d love to hear you say “Yes I Can” here.

More great hiking pics by Alan C and Brondson

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Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2009 – Set & Go!!

Final call

final call

Crowded on the track

crowded on the track

Good luck to all

good luck to all!!

Catch me if you can

catch me if you can

I love this picture and I believe what their TV commercial said

Red Bull give them wings...

Red Bull give them wings...

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