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Diana F+. Welcome to digital world

Diana F+ SLR adaptors, can’t wait to try it out.

diana f+ adaptor


The beauty of the SLR Adaptors is that they open up the whole series of Canon EOS and Nikon F cameras to the world Diana effects. This means whether yours is one of the earliest Nikon Fs from the late 1950s or an ultra-swanky Canon digital SLR – you can join in with the whole Diana experience!

Truly affordable from HKD$94.

Check out the price here (Canon) and here (Nikon).

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Fresh today: Apple + Pear

If you have been bored with the yellow notes sticking on your monitor, trying changing the look and feel with Kudamemo created by Japanese design studio D-BROS.

They are the coolest and sweetest post-in i have ever seen.


kudamemo, derived from the Japanese word Kudemono, meaning fruits.

apple with realistic seed and a twig stem

apple with realistic seed and a twig stem

apple to apple

apple to apple

take me home. a crate of 6. US$118 / HK$920

take me home. crate of 6. US$118 / HK$920

A single fruit memo costs. US$19.60 / HK$152

single fruit memo. US$19.60 / HK$152

sits vertically on your desk

sits vertically on your desk

packaged like real fruits

packaged like real fruits

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A simple yet beautiful game

Little Wheel is a mindless point and click adventure game with very cool graphic design and story. It’s a perfect game for relaxing and killing time.

Little Wheel by OneClickDog

Little Wheel by OneClickDog

Play this game

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