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When the light’s off in Central, TST and Tsing Ma Bridge

More than 600 companies and organizations, 1800 buildings, and thousands and thousands of individuals have participated in Earth Hour 2009 Hong Kong.

London Big Ben Before & After


Moscow Radio Tower


Beijing Water Cube Before & After


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Michael Jackson in London

Michael Jackson = Billie Jean + Moonwalk

Michael Jackson = King of Pop

Michael Jackson = The Legend

What does Michael Jackson mean to you?

Michael Jackson will have a series of conerts in London in July 2009!


Sorry, this is a late post so if you’re going to buy the ticket now, you’re late. All the tickets for the 50 shows have been snapped up.

But you can still participate in the concert, vote for your ideal list set.

Michael Jackson-Billie Jean-30th Anniversary Special:

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Umbrella + Stand = Coolest combination

Weather forecast for today (source: Hong Kong Observatory)

“Cloudy with fog and a few rain patches. Rain will be more frequent with thunderstorms tonight. Moderate easterly winds…”

What to do on fog and rainy day? I found an awesome umbrella and stand

Umbrella by Materious

Umbrella by Materious

Weapon style designed by Bruce and Stephanie Tharp of Materious

Umbrella Stand by Aaron R. Thomas

Umbrella Stand by Aaron R. Thomas

Hand Screen Printed Pillar Umbrella Stand by Aaron R. Thomas

Isn’t it the coolest combination?

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Hong Kong Sevens 2009


Rugby is such an exciting game that make many people crazy. I don’t know the rule and I’m not a fan. But every year, I spend some time watching it on TV. There’re lots of rough physical contact, team strategy, high speed running…in the game that I love to see.

Ticket is too expensive (HK$1,080) and hard to get….otherwise, I will be in the Hong Kong Stadium with 40,000 supporters from all over the world…what a BIG BIG PARTY.

Free ticket WANTED!

Hong Kong Sevens, see you this weekend (27-29 Mar 2009)!

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Earth Hour HK. Save energy save money.


Join the movement. Sign up now for the event and turn off your lights between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on Saturday 28 March 2009.

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